What is Semalt? – Spam? Scam? or what?

Most webmasters, SEOs, Internet Marketing professionals (those who actually analyse their reports) are seeing this bot / referrer in their logs and in Google Analytics. They may have noticed that the traffic has 100% bounce rate. Not good. And our clients would like us to do something about it.

But not too many have answers as to what Semalt.com is. If you do a WhoIs Semalt.com lookup, you find a very secretive registration. And Semalt says “Semalt is a professional webmaster analytics tool that opens the door to new opportunities for the market monitoring”. (that perfect English grammar should be a give away – always using an unneccessary definite article)

There is an interesting blog post about blocking Semalt. Again, very opaque. This comment was especially interesting because those running Semalt could and should respond. “I would not recommend going to their website and submitting anything. I have read numerous times that this does not work and some believe they are using that as a way to confirm websites and people that have done that have found the crawling to intensify. The people running this bot have no respect for webmasters. I read on Twitter where someone had managed to redirect the semalt crawlers back to the semalt server and then the owner of the bot accused this person of launching a DDOS attack against them, when it was actually their own bots coming back at them, #semalt on twitter will bring it up.

There are many testimonoials about how Semalt is circumventing attempts to block their bot or prevent it from showing up in analytics.

Using an anonymous proxy (squid), Semalt refuses to run a request. Yet another give away that they guys may be on the “dark side”.

The spam scam site Semalt. Semalt seems to be run by Ukrainian spammers and it spams their website on countless site analytics and people will go to the site out of curiosity and some will then sign up. Their analytics are no where near as good as other analytic sites, but it’s about money at the end of the day, spamming the analytics is more effective than email spam, I think this is a bad new trend.

There is this explanantion and offer to remove your website from their crawler. Anyone who can verify that it works, a comment to that effect would be appreciated.

As others have already offered, if Semalt wants to make their value proposition clear, “we are all ears” = comments are open.