Small is the New Big in Search Marketing

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Inspired by Seth Godin’s book “Small is the New Big”

When it comes to search marketing, and especially search engine optimization, Seth Godin’s point is a direct hit.

Individuals or very small teams can outperform large vendors because they can concentrate on the unique character and needs of the client.  Anyone who has experience in search optimization knows – that you never know until you spend time with the customer, learn how their customer shops. Search marketing for an online flower retailer is very different than for a local car dealer. A cookie-cutter approach introduces mediocrity in Search Marketing. You expect exceptional results, but you want to make the safe choice.

To fully appreciate this paradigm; some excepts from Seth Godin’s blog:

Big used to matter. Big meant economies of scale. (You never hear about “economies of tiny” do you?) People, usually guys, often ex-Marines, wanted to be CEO of a big company. The Fortune 500 is where people went to make a fortune.

And then small happened.

Enron (big) got audited by Andersen (big) and failed (big.) The World Trade Center was a target. TV advertising is collapsing so fast you can hear it. American Airlines (big) is getting creamed by Jet Blue (think small). BoingBoing (four people) has a readership growing a hundred times faster than the New Yorker (hundreds of people).

Small means you can tell the truth…

Small means that you can answer email from your customers.

A small law firm or accounting firm or ad agency is succeeding because they’re good, not because they’re big.

A small restaurant has an owner who greets you by name.

A small church has a minister with the time to visit you in the hospital when you’re sick.

Don’t wait. Get small. Think big.


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