Website Authority

HARTENSTINE Search Engine First Marketing Site authority is probably the #1 contributor to your online success. Its a combination of a few things;

  1. How long your domain has been registered.  This is by far the single most important part of your online identity.  The longer your domain has been around, the more authority it has.
  2. How long your domain is registered.  Seems logical right?  If you are serious, you will register it for the maximum (@ 10 years).  Both 1 & 2 can be checked here :
  3. The age of your website.  This is different from the domain.  If you buy a domain but have no website, it doesn’t count. 
  4. Backlinks are addressed separately as #3 on the list of the 10 most important SEO attributes, but they greatly contribute to your site authority according to your industry theme.  (Theme is another way of saying business category in search-speak) If the backlinks to your site are highly correlated to a specific industry, this will increase your site authority.  This is important to understand because you will hear a lot about link building but little about how the theme is important in link building.  There is a fork in the road for every SEO when actively building backlinks.  If you allow links to occur naturally, there is nothing to be concerned about.  But because there are many ways to get backlinks, including buying links, you must know that search engines are paying attention to how your backlinks appear to be correlated to your industry.  Backlinks from other themes tend to have a dilutive affect.  So quality more than quantity of backlinks is more important to your site authority.