The SearchStation Method for Top Search Rank

SearchStation is only useful for local search. It is not designed to help your global search rank. Therefore SearchStation is for those businesses that depend on local (hyperlocal) visibility in search. If you are attempting to be found on mobile devices, in a specific area, SearchStation is for you.

SearchStation works by measuring your local search rank. Its no longer enough to be #1 in natural results on a desktop browser; you need to consider how your website is presented on mobile devices and the many ways search engines design their desktop results pages today. Take a close look at SERP (Search Engine Results Page) layout the next time you search from your desktop for something local. Notice the Tile (also called a Card or Knowledge Graph) at the top right? If you want to get the maximum number of visitors to your website, it is vital that your local business is in the Tile-Card. And you will get this kind of placement when all your SEO ducks are in a row.

SearchStation is a search rank tool and a step-by-step method, to identify what to do to get into those highly coveted positions in local search results that produce the greatest number of visitors to your website.