The What Have You Done for Me Lately Syndrome

The premise here is that the client’s website dominates search results. Everyone would normally be happy. But no…

One of the most self-destructive things I’ve seen in SEO is, a syndrome I’ll call it, which occurs when the client has become complacent and is triggered to ask, “What have you done for us lately?”

There is ALWAYS a trigger. It does not come out of nowhere. There is someone or something that causes this to occur. But they have reached a stage where they no longer think “what is better than being #1?”.

First it might be about money. Budgets are reviewed. Retainers and billable hours seem unnecessary. But this aspect is manageable on both ends. The client and firm can negotiate something that is appropriate for both parties.

No. It really happens because of a siren-song from another marketing firm that falls on “new” ears. They promise “something better”. But what is better than being #1?

We have all been there – when we were that “new guard”. But we are ahead of our story…

The siren-song is the pivot of the issue. Once a client has been #1 for so long, they forget what it took to get there – what is was like to not be #1. This usually happens when there has been a change in those who managed and manipulated the many strings in the orchestra called SEO.

Sometimes its simply a matter of being worn-down by the constant marketing assault – the non-stop sales presentations promising something better. The client doesn’t even want to think about it anymore. “what is better than being #1?”

In these instances the client often decides its better to wreck everything and start anew. This is a strange and horrible choice and yet unfortunately found throughout the SEO business.

There is no need to wreck the castle to build something better. Think about the cost. No rational person would destroy a perfectly good castle. But that is neither the priority of the new marketing firm, nor the “new guard” (who is not wise enough yet to know better).