You, Your Business and the Internet

I have difficulty sometimes communicating to clients just what it is like to work for them as an “intermediary”. Technically I am their business advocate; between their business and the many important players on the Internet, such as Google and Facebook. In this seemingly unrelated article in Webmaster World entitled Google Makes Maps Personal, is an insiders view of what that job is like. Skim the article but read the comments for the gems of insight. What I take away:

I’m still waiting for g### to realize that I don’t live in the parking lot across the street.

Sounds like an every-man experience with Google. Do they care? No. Do we have to care? Yes. That is our job to painstakingly fix whatever Google has got backwards concerning the client’s business.

If it’s anything like their “improved” iOS app, I’ll have a hard time being interested.

Is any change an improvement (these days) with Google? No. Seemingly their employees have nothing to do but make such “improvements” that scramble our “corrections” and frustrate all stakeholder relationships; Webmaster-Google, Client-Webmaster, Client-Google.

Am I the only one who get’s the feeling that all recent Facebook and Google “services” are not really useful but only a pretext to collecting more information about people?

No. Service or improvement are one and the same, and everyone pretty much feels that way.

What can we do to help your business?