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Newest Development: SearchStation provides the only accurate local search rank tracking available

SearchStation is the only accurate hyper-local search rank tracking service


SearchStation provides accurate hyper-local search rank reporting

SearchStation will diagnose your local search rank issues

SearchStation will increase your online visitors

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How SearchStation was developed

  • Troy Hartenstine

    SearchStation is a product of necessity. We needed accurate local search rank tracking - there was no accurate search rank reporting at the local level until SearchStation.

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Key features

  • Hyper-Local
  • Accurate Reporting
  • Free Consulting

HARTENSTINE SearchStation is accurate! With SearchStation you will know exactly how your website and ads are displayed to your customers in search results. You will also know exactly how your competition is ranking in search. As a result, it is much easier to formulate strategy and make changes that will get you ahead of your local competition.

*All other search rank tracking services that claim to provide local search rank reporting do so using approximations. Proxy servers are used to get close-to-local results, but these servers may be located hundreds of miles away from your business. Others use local keywords in place of an actual location-based search. Instead of being located in "Yourtown", they use keywords such as "Yourtown YourProduct" to get an approximation of your search rank. HARTENSTINE SearchStation is local!