Excess Mortality

Excess Mortality tells us how many more people are dying per week vs the same time period over past years. You can manipulate the graph to view other countries, but before you do, I have chosen these views because I am aware of the narratives from these countries and that the narratives are not supported by actual data.

The graph below says the number of deaths from all causes in Germany in December prior 4 year average (Average) is 19,353 per week. In September 2020 the number was 16,795. The graph is saying explicitly that it will be perfectly normal for the number of deaths to rise by 2558 per week by January 2020. That means it must rise just to stay with the normal trend.

The graph also says peak mortality occurred in March 8, 2018 at 26,777. The next peak was February 2, 2017 at 23,640. Peak mortality in 2020 has been only 25,535. That is 36.5% more deaths in 2018 during the same time-frame as lock-downs were implemented in 2020. The narrative is that the lock-downs worked.

Daily Test vs Daily New Cases