Artificial Intelligence for PPC Advertising is Irrational

All things being equal, do you beleive Google will benefit you more than it will benefit your competitors? Some people seem to think that Google is their friend – that it is some kind of egalitarian computer system. I have news for those people. Google does what it does to make money – from you. … Read more

The Coalition for Better Ads

If you are responsible for your company’s online advertising – this is an important notice. Not acting on this notice from Google could result in a suspension of your Google Ad campaign. If your website has a pop-up of any kind, please read this. Google has sent a notice titled Google Ads Policy Update – … Read more

Why Am I not Seeing My Ads?

Common question. I hate to start with the usual; there are many factors that determine when your ads run, but in this case it is unavoidable. So lets go over them: Since we cannot game-out every type of campaign you may use. Its best to start with the disqualifiers – how much your chosen campaign … Read more