HARTENSTINE is local search consulting. In 2001 Troy Hartenstine, principal of HARTENSTINE, developed the search engine AutoBaron a patented inventory search retail automobile search engine. AutoBaron feeds populated Froogle; which has been transformed over the years into Google Merchant Center. That is why we think we know something about search engines.

Our fees are not based on a percentage of your spend. We don’t think spending more online means you will make more sales. No one has an infinite budget. There is a definite number that will maximize your ROI.

We are not an agency. We do not take over or claim ownership of your property. On the contrary, we make sure our clients are secure in the ownership of their online properties. If you don’t understand what that is an important differentiator, you should contact us and learn why you may be at risk.

We believe in straight-talk without buzzwords and acronyms.

We believe handcrafted is better than cookie-cutter.

We believe our incentives are aligned with the long-term goals of our clients.