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HARTENSTINE is an Internet Marketing firm specialing in Local Search.

We hand-craft Hyperlocal Search Marketing Solutions.

The goal is to increase visitors to your website and convert them into customers, profitably.

Central to everything we do is your ROI. If it cannot be measured and a positive ROI cannot be reasonably determined, we won't recommend it.

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    Return On Investment First
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    Internet Marketing
    We Reach Your Target Market
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    Search Optimization
    Our Foundation, Your Secret Weapon

Its Not About Us, its about Your Online Business

We work on your Return On Investment from Day 1

  • Katharine Cannata | Dealer Principal
    Wyatt Johnson Auto Group

    We had a significant increase in visitors in July over June. Sales were a whopping —-, our 3rd best selling month ever. Service departments were rockin’ too. Thanks for your help.

  • Brook Buckmaster | Sales Manager
    Honda of San Leandro

    Wow. I am amazed at how strong we are right now. And it happened at the exact right time with the memorial day sale this weekend. To top that off, I followed your advice…last week. We had 484 additional impressions…Thanks for that insight.

  • Andy Long | General Sales Manager
    Toyota 101

    I can see the search result difference already. I have noticed more action on used cars. make all this stuff seem so damn easy! I'm glad to have you on our team and thankful that we can always count on you. Thank you. You’re the man!

What to Expect

Step 1 | Your Business Plan

You may take it for granted, but we need to understand how your business works.

Step 2 | Your Expectations

We need to determine in advance if your goals can be met.

Step 3 | Benchmark

Measure, Measure, Measure. We will establish current benchmarks so that later you will know that the plan worked.

Step 4 | Execution

The plan is almost always long-term and the small interim steps to reach our goals will require discipline.