HARTENSTINE is an Internet Marketing and Search Consulting firm specializing in local search.

HARTENSTINE is here to make digital marketing easy for you while adding to the bottom line.

We deliver more visitors to your website and increased sales. We increase the conversion of your online spend into visitors and then increase the conversion of those visitors into sales, all with accurate and actionable ROI. As a result, there will be no unknowns. You will know the potential and the limits of all your online sales channels.

HARTENSTINE is not an advertising agency. This assures that our interests do not conflict with yours.


We Don’t Stop at These Deliverables:

  • Keywords that align with your overall marketing strategy and produce results
  • Accurate and concise analytics reporting that explains what is really happening
  • Quantify your available online audience
  • Precise ROI inclusive of all costs in your supply-chain
  • Unvarnished analysis and advice

Your Checklist:

  • Do you know how many people are looking for your product or service?
  • Are there enough buyers online to support your business model? ( search does not = purchase )
  • What if you don’t know which terms your audience use to find your product?
  • What if you are not in the channel where your largest target market is?
  • What if you don’t know where your audience bounces in the sales funnel? (abandons their pursuit of your product)
  • Do you know the maximum to spend per ad and still produce a profit?

We Stop When You See These Results:

  • Increase visitors to your website
  • Increase the conversion of your online spend into visitors
  • Increase the conversion of visitors into sales
  • Eliminate the unknowns in you sales channels
  • Accurate and actionable ROI analysis

What Can We Do For You?