Retro SEO in 2015

Each year the noise-makers in SEO do their best to …(Im not sure), because if you thought there were something educational about it, you’d be wrong. And they manage to both bore us to tears and irritate with the usual dribble.

This years “SEO guru” writes about another “SEO Guru” and what to expect from Google in 2015.

Spoiler: From THE 10 DOUCHIEST JOB TITLES IN AMERICA. #4. Guru – The word is Sanskrit, and if you did not know that, then you’re not a fucking Guru. Moreover, this type of douchebag title is one of the “self-anointed” kinds. This means that no one ever called you a Guru (unless their tongue was firmly planted in their cheek) – you gave yourself this title; and for that, you are a douchebag of the highest order. In fact, you might just be the Guru of douchieness.

Guess what our Guru’s tips are?

Be awesome
Earn awesome links

(I’m not kidding) And you can read all about that awesomeness here SEO in 2015 or I can save you from that retched essay right here.

Absolutely nothing is new in SEO. Thats why its so AWESOME!

Instead I’m calling it Retro SEO because Im going to puke if someone says “awesome” again. (same as that “like-awesome” college degree you got in English?)

However, I’m actually somewhat relieved. Now that Retro SEO is the new black in 2015 I can stop reading about SEO and get back to work knowing that I won’t find myself in meetings with these SEO Gurus because they are busy writing about each other.

Retro SEO is that rare kind of SEO you might have heard old-timers in the Internet Marketing business saying for years; do the basics very well.