Competitive Analysis of Traffic by Keyword Volume

Its funny that there is not a large search volume for this title or something like Competitive Traffic Estimator, because there should be (if people understood what is really important for online success).

Q: If there were one SEO report you needed, what would it be?

A: The “How much traffic does my best competitor get that I don’t get?” Report. Right?

That would be called a…

Competitive Analysis of Traffic by Keyword Volume

Think about it. So much SEO talk is based on unlimited traffic estimates. But no one website gets all the traffic for a search term and no one website gets all the traffic in their industry.

You can’t get all the traffic for any one keyword (53% at best in 1st place, right?) and you can’t get the #1 position for all the big volume keywords in your niche.

You can only get “maximum exposure” and that means using big volume keywords to their maximum. Like any efficiency equation, there is no 100%, just the greatest volume possible. So the best you can do is get the > highest number of > best search positions > for the largest volume keywords that will > bring the highest conversions.

Let me lay this out in another way:

1) largest search volume keywords
2) best search rank
3) highest conversion
4) as many as possible (keywords)

Its time consuming and it seems like something that could be automated. But I’m not aware that any of the conventional SEO products do.