Hey Google Search Terms (Recordings) in Google Ads

In the course of my work, its rare to be the first to stumble upon something special – at least I think I have. I don’t find anything about it when I Google it.

Everyone is aware that Google, Amazon, Apple, all record everything you speak into their (your) devices. But what they do with those recordings is none of your business. Well here is one place you can see it in action. (and proves that they are saving that recording)

If you manage Adwords (now Google Ads), you are familiar with the widgets in the overview. Lots of handy intel there. However, you may not have stumbled on Hey Google search terms or what I’d rather call “Search Recordings“. These are the  entire conversation your prospective customer is having with Google.

You find this in Google Ads > Overview tab > in the widget that says “New Words were used in Google searches that showed your ads“. Then look for the keyword bubble “google“. Mouse-over it, and then mouse-over the “+x more searches“. The pop-up contains the entire recording a shopper had with Hey Google. In my case, its not just the search regarding the original keyword. Its the whole enchilada, truncated at x number of characters, it seems. I’m almost sorry I couldn’t catch what the next thing “to pay..” was going to be. To pay what?

I think this is far more insightful than just looking at a list of search terms to get inside the head of my audience. Its like eavesdropping on a private conversation and stream of behavior that you probably couldn’t get if you were this persons spouse.

Creepy Line? Or Use It Before You Loose It!

I can’t help thinking that this post will cause havoc down at the campus in Mountain View and (this disturbance in the force) may cause our little window into the soul of our shoppers to disappear. Enjoy it while you can.