Call Tracking Phone Numbers and Local SEO

There are many newsworthy SEO topics, but none are more important than the problem call tracking companies are introducing for their unsuspecting customers.

I’ve written about this problem that Call Tracking Phone Numbers cause for local SEO and so have many others in the business. If you are a business looking for a local SEO professional, you only need to find those of us who have written about this issue. Just Google Call Tracking Phone Numbers and Local SEO to find one.

OK. What to do if you are a business that worries about local search performance and would also like to derive the most from your PPC analytics? There is more to the story – look for vendors that use dynamic numbers that are not indexed by search engines.

I found Ifbyphone uses javascript to prevent a number from being displayed (called dynamic number insertion). Unfortunately not all marketing agencies/vendors are using “best practices” as I would call this.