Running in Place Google+ Pages Du Jour

Definition of DU JOUR

  1. made for a particular day —used of an item not specified on the regular menu
  2. popular, fashionable,trendy or prominent at a particular time

In Google’s case, both probably apply, since we know it will change tomorrow, and its a trend.

The gist of this post is that Google now considers the Google+ Page “more relevant” (their words) or  “newer” than Google Places. In trying to solve my problem, I was instructed to make sure the Google+ Page is up to date and that will solve any problems/issues/abnormalities in our business listing on Google Maps and what I still call the Places box in natural results. Currently Im seeing the Places box in natural results displaying inconsistently day to day. One day its fine, the next day its gone and only a map is displayed.

A casual conversation with another Google insider about this topic said “Well you can take care of all that with Google Business”. So I found which if you already have a Google+ and you sign-in, that link takes you to your Google+ Account (not the Page for your business)

Then I found another entry point for the new business here which has links to destinations. But the more interesting under Business Owners are the Floor Plan

Conclusion? Yes! Not really! or more like “running in place to try to stay visible on Google”.