Weighing In on Socio-Local Search


Time again for the curmudgeon hat because I think I know something about Local Search. Its just the Social part I think is a dead end now – and has been for a long time (for someone in the Local Search game) (BTW, the article is on target, its just that its a waste of time, so I add cliff-notes)

As everyone in the automotive business is well aware, search is either local or not. Either I am buying a car (local indeed) or I’m buying a laptop (not local unless the price is right). So I hate to tell you Sherlock, but this latter issue has been differentiated and solved by Amazon. Shop online, pick it up locally if available, or get it overnighted. And for (Socio-Local) search, Google+ has got that covered.

What these 3 are trying to do https://www.localuncle.com/, http://www.localmind.com/, http://babberly.com/ is add a mobile-social angle to what is really a solved problem. Or am I missing something?

My take-aways from the article:

  • Thirty years ago, Ma Bell bragged about giving customers the ability to “reach out and touch someone.” Today’s connectivity tools are new and improved, but the mission is the same.
  • there’s no incentive for users to participate
  • the apps are not user friendly
  • someone needs to lead the way

…or as Confucius might say “maybe there is no WAY”!