The SEO Diet

Have you ever made the connection? That SEO is like a diet. (the latest fad diet I should say) Lets face it. Marketing is always trying to make the old seem new so they can sell you more of the same. I hear these pitches about SEO and they sounds like the latest diet fad. … Read more

How to Add Rich Snippets for Reviews and Ratings

Its not just about Review snippets. Like everything we do, the subject of this post is really about how we get better visibility in Google Search Results. Use this How To post as a way for you to understand the scope of the subject as well.

Google Analytics Direct/Other Traffic Drop – Answered

Has your website analytics traffic suddenly dropped -80% in the Direct channel? Normally we would look for this missing traffic to show up elsewhere, but no other channel has increased proportionately. You are probably down @ -50% overall as seen in this screenshot. What has happen? Don’t panic. That traffic did not go somewhere else. … Read more