The Coalition for Better Ads

If you are responsible for your company’s online advertising – this is an important notice. Not acting on this notice from Google could result in a suspension of your Google Ad campaign. If your website has a pop-up of any kind, please read this.

Google has sent a notice titled Google Ads Policy Update – Destination Requirements Policy describing types of disallowed ad experiences stating Our records show that this policy change may affect your account. Please remove any disallowed ad experiences before October 2022.

They probably created this Coalition to seem as though they have an unbiased third-party determining when Google will disable your ad campaign – probably with only an email notice that your ads are no longer running. (Coalition? usually meaning “we are all for it, but no one is accountable”)

The Coalition for Better Ads will leverage consumer insights and cross-industry expertise to develop and implement new global standards for online advertising that address consumer expectations.

I suggest you and your vendors read and make changes accordingly.

Wherein Google relies on third-party definitions, and that 3rd party is a “coalition”, all sounds as though recourse will be non-existent. In addition, we know how responsive Google support is these post-COVID days. (not they were responsive before COVID) They currently claim they are still working from home, but its more likely they just are not working, or doing the current thing “quiet quiting“. Whatever. If you dont want any disruption in your digital advertising, we should take this notice seriously.

If your website has a pop-up of any kind, or any one of the 19 ad formats covered in the Better Ads website, I would discontinue those until we are well past October. Let others be cannon fodder. We will be able to determine from their comments in the forums what exactly is punished and how quickly one can recover from an adverse event.