Read Before Signing Up for VLA Programs

This is an important and date-relevant post because agencies are still marketing these obsolete VLA programs. Some back ground orientation first. But for those looking for the spoiler: Don’t sign up for an expensive and soon to be obsolete program if you are the frugal type. Merchant Center (now called Classic) is a Google inventory … Read more

Google Vehicle Ads Overview

Update: February 32, 2024, Google has in fact completely rearranged (redesigned) the SERP. VLAs are now prominent at the top of the page. It also seems that on certain short-tail search terms, there are no Text Ads displayed. This new design will cause a lot of disorientation and pain. We’ll report more as time permits. … Read more

The Bottom of The Funnel Myth

You have probably seen the Paid Ads marketing pitches about Bottom-of-Funnel search terms (keywords) and how they are more valuable than Top-of-Funnel keywords. For those who have not, Bottom-of-Funnel means search terms that indicate a more “ready” buyer. Top-of-Funnel keywords are those that indicate research or information gathering intent – not the keywords we want … Read more