Why Am I not Seeing My Ads?

Common question. Most common answer; You need a bigger budget. But there are many factors that determine when your ads run and do not run. Lets go over them: The way Google Ads works is complex and we cannot game-out every type of campaign you may use. For all campaign types, Google uses a number … Read more

Programmatic Advertising

A problem large eCommerce businesses encounters is how to set bids per product so that the ROI does not turn negative. Its easy when you have 1 product. But how does one calculate and set bids accurately on hundreds or thousands of products? Every business owner knows their approximate Operating Margin. The Profit Margin on … Read more

Should You Disable Google Assistant Calls in Your Google My Business Listing

This is one of those default opt-in settings in Google My Business (GMB) that is also cleverly hidden in plain sight. What are Assistant Calls? Why is it turned on by default? Why should I care? What is it? Its a intermediary Google service feature between your customer and your business. (Google Service is an … Read more