How to Add Rich Snippets for Reviews and Ratings

Its not just about Review snippets. Like everything we do, the subject of this post is really about how we get better visibility in Google Search Results. Use this How To post as a way for you to understand the scope of the subject as well.

#2 Search Rank Factor in SEO

Having a clean business listings in search is considered the #2 most important search rank factor in SEO. Could your search rank be affected because you have duplicate phone number, address, business names – all over the place? Yes! Why are duplicate phone numbers and addresses (or even names) in search engine listings harmful to … Read more#2 Search Rank Factor in SEO

Should SEOs Put Phone Numbers in The Meta Title Tag – Answered.

I just ran into a presentation wherein the SEO analysis claimed that putting your local phone number in the meta title tag was a wasted SEO opportunity – that there are other more important keywords that should go into the precious 70 characters available. The Precious 70 Characters Many SEOs focus a bit too much … Read moreShould SEOs Put Phone Numbers in The Meta Title Tag – Answered.