Local SEO for Business Listings

Ever wonder why that other business with the ugly website ranks so well? The reason must lie somewhere out there on the Internet. Now for the dictionary of terms all meaning the same thing; this is often called off-site SEO, and those off-site SEO areas are referred to as Local SEO or also called NAP … Read moreLocal SEO for Business Listings

How To Disable Personalized Search

Search engines begin to personalize your search results the moment you open the search page. The search engine reads the cookies stored in your browser and websites you have visited (located in cache) and the history (the list of pages you have visited), all stored on your computer – all within the blink of an … Read moreHow To Disable Personalized Search

Local Search is the Holy Grail of Business

There are now more mobile devices in the world than personal computers. Consumers tend to use mobile devices for spontaneous consumer products and services searches that cause permanent changes in behavior.  Local SEO will be the competitive edge you’ll need in the future if you are a local business (where customers visit your location in order … Read moreLocal Search is the Holy Grail of Business