Does Google Ads Scheduling Take Into Account Time Zones?

The short answer is No. With all this AI that Google applies to other areas, why can’t they handle time zones for ads? Thats seems so ’00 to me. For instance, they can tell that I need reading glasses because of the movements I make with my phone (all true – I have the proof). … Read moreDoes Google Ads Scheduling Take Into Account Time Zones?

Ad Fraud Is Off The Charts

28% of Website Traffic is Non-Human…says Adobe in a Wall Street Journal article. Fraudulent Web Traffic Continues to Plague Advertisers, Other Businesses Adobe found that about 28% of website traffic showed strong “non-human signals,” leading the company to believe that the traffic came from bots or click farms. Anyone who runs a webserver would not … Read moreAd Fraud Is Off The Charts

Lies and Pretty SEO Reports

What is the single most frequent concern I hear from business owners? “I don’t know if the Internet Marketing we are doing is working?” What they mean can be 2-fold, but the bottom line is always the same – is someone doing anything and is it having any affect? The shortest path between the question … Read moreLies and Pretty SEO Reports