How To Audit SEM Reports

When you receive that month-end SEM performance report, can you determine if it is accurate? How do you know you are getting what you are paying for? Do you know how to audit your SEM reports?

The fact is; you are the only one you can trust. Only you can reconcile what your Analytics reports versus what your Agency reports. And as you will see, those reports are probably not accurate.

This is a DIY guide to audit your Agency’s SEM Reports.

2 thoughts on “How To Audit SEM Reports”

  1. Troy, would you contact me please? I cant get the same results you are using. I cannot drill down into the conversions. This really opened my eyes. No one ever explains how these reports are accurate or where the raw data can be verified. They just say they are. End of discussion.

    • You are correct Charles. The method I used here has been changed by Google – common problem – they change the Analytics layouts constantly. Thank you for pointing that out so I can make this comment public and others will know that, until I make an updated video, that is just Google switching thing up as usual.

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