Lies and Pretty SEO Reports

What is the single most frequent concern I hear from business owners? “I don’t know if the Internet Marketing we are doing is working?” What they mean can be 2-fold, but the bottom line is always the same – is someone doing anything and is it having any affect? The shortest path between the question … Read moreLies and Pretty SEO Reports

Google Adwords Revelation 98% of Business Comes From 22 Keywords

How would you like to cut your PPC ad spend by perhaps 90% and get the same net revenue? This is not a cheap come-on. This tsunami is ripping through the digital marketing space as we speak. In case you have missed it, there have been three significant stories recently; Proctor & Gamble, then Restoration … Read moreGoogle Adwords Revelation 98% of Business Comes From 22 Keywords

Proximity Advertising and Geo-Fencing Technologies

A few events recently got me thinking about what might be happening in the future of local search advertising. I’m calling it “proximity advertising” because the terms “geo-fencing” and “local search” are separate terms that need to merge in advertising, and they are not as accurate, nor very eloquent. In the span of just 3 … Read moreProximity Advertising and Geo-Fencing Technologies