Optimize Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

Google Shopping Ads Daily Performance

The term “Long Tail” applied to eCommerce (products) as coined by https://www.wired.com/2004/10/tail/ Chris Anderson in 2004 is unfortunate because the term was already in use by the SEO community and is an accurate description of multiple-word Search Terms (long as in “Long-Tail”) that naturally are less frequent but more powerful to hardness because they better … Read moreOptimize Google Shopping Ads Campaigns

The Harsh Realities of Online Commerce

Its not as though they are harsh, its just that reality may not be what you may have come to expect. This article is about your expectations vs reality in the world of eCommerce. Your expectations probably conflict with reality when it comes to running your own website with WordPress and an e-commerce solution. WordPress … Read moreThe Harsh Realities of Online Commerce