Google Vehicle Ads Overview

October 16, 2023, Google released an update on their Search Central Blog concerning Vehicle Ads or VLAs or Vehicle Listing Ads. VLAs have been around since 2020, so what’s new? Well I’m not really sure. But this fits the Google pattern of rolling-out products in a “progressive disclosure” way. One thing for sure is Google … Read more

AI in PPC Advertising is Irrational

All things being equal, do you believe Google will benefit you more than it will benefit your competitors? Which means, Would you mind evenly splitting your sales with all your competitors? Some people seem to think that Google is their friend – that it is some kind of egalitarian computer system that has no agenda. … Read more

Advertise With Precision

How do you set Ad bids per product so that your ROI stays within the boundaries that produce a desired margin. Its not too difficult when you sell only one product. But how does one calculate and set bids accurately on hundreds or thousands of products? Every business owner knows their approximate Operating Margin. So … Read more