What is Semalt? – Spam? Scam? or what?

Most webmasters, SEOs, Internet Marketing professionals (those who actually analyse their reports) are seeing this bot / referrer in their logs and in Google Analytics. They may have noticed that the traffic has 100% bounce rate. Not good. And our clients would like us to do something about it. But not too many have answers … Read moreWhat is Semalt? – Spam? Scam? or what?

Vendor Landing Pages and Conversion (il)Logic

il·log·i·cal /iˈläjikəl/ Adjective Lacking sense or clear, sound reasoning: “an illogical fear”. Synonyms inconsequent – irrational – illegitimate – unreasonable A vendor sells me a service in which I (pay them) and I am supposed to direct my website traffic to their website and conversion takes place on their web page. Huh? Are you serious? … Read moreVendor Landing Pages and Conversion (il)Logic