Social Media Advertising A Dud

Social media ad impactAnytime those (often very loud) promoters of Social Media advertising (spending) speak, they should be confronted with the facts. When faced with these facts, its hard to justify any Social Media spend. The studies continue to prove the same end result year after year.

Here at Zerohedge is yet another very good example 62% Of Americans Say “Social” Ads Have No Impact On Purchasing Decisions. That article is sourced from the WSJ which said, In a study last year, Nielsen Holdings NV found that global consumers trusted ads on television, print, radio, billboards and movie trailers more than social-media ads.

And another Zerohedge article from earlier in the year illustrates why: Recently, Facebook got into hot water with investors when it was revealed that as many of its 1.18 billion active users 14.1 million (and likely orders of magnitude more) were fraudulent. 

The ROI has never been proven. Real social media exposure (advertising) cannot be purchased on any scale – fact. Yes, you can pay an employee to engage your following on some platform, distribute coupons, but that’s about the end of it. And even then, the real engagement may not have an ROI. (You may sell a few more (____), but the time you or your employee spends on Social Media may not be profitable).