How to Get Noticed in Google Search Results

There are three tricks that are not obvious – and no one says they actually work (of course) – but if you blog, this is an obvious “should do”. The simplest one is to use the new “news” meta tag :

<meta name=”news_keywords” content=”How to Get Noticed in Google Search Results”>

Then a bit more involved :

How to Link your Google+ page to your website
How to get your Authorship Information to Appear in Google Search Results

Here are the Quicknotes for how to do those:

Find your Google ID (the URL of your Google+ page is >[google_id]/posts

<a href=”[google_id]? rel=author”>Keep in Touch</a>

<a href=”[google_id]” rel=”publisher”>Find me on Google+</a>

Hint: It is especially important that the “author” and “publisher” rel tags display somewhere on your home page. Use the rich snippets tool to test if you’ve got it right.