A Website Should Never Begin With Design

Rushing into design without a strategic plan is one of the reasons so many websites fail to meet expectations or deliver ROI

A Website is a business asset, not a project. It is an asset that has an ROI. Whether you choose to measure that ROI or not says a lot about you and your business. If you don’t measure your ROI, you are throwing money at it (your website/ your business), just as a blind man might throw darts. You regard your website more like a picture on the wall (a static thing) that customers may or may not appreciate, rather than a working machine that enhances your potential to make money. The machine must be maintained in order to perform its function of growing your business.¬†While it may be the center of your online business, there are other online assets that integrate with it.

Make sense? Then its time to put your website in its proper place in your business planning. Repeat daily:

  1. My Website is not a “Project”
  2. My Website is a business asset
  3. My Website is a machine that grows my business
  4. My Website needs maintenance
  5. My Website is only one part of my online business