Google to use HTTPS as a Ranking Signal

Google makes the move to more secure Internet communications. Its true you don’t have to do anything and no retribution from Google will come your way, but if you are in a competitive business niche, this does not seem to be an option for you, as your competition only needs to implement https (encrypted communications) on their website (server) in order to get a boost in search results.

Google could just as well have said; Get with the program, its 2014 and Snowden has revealed how things work in the real world. But you would have said, “What does all this have to do with me? I just want to lead a simple life. Run my business. Go on vacation next month…”. Whether you think so or not, your servers and websites are potential pawns in a war that is raging online as you read this. Just look here for a moment Take it all in.

I would check on your servers and websites. Then I would implement https everywhere – including in your browser. You can get that here

While this post seems to be more about security, its still about getting or staying ahead in the SERPs
. Search Engine Optimization is not simply rearranging words in your Title Tag anymore (It never was). What do I mean? Here is another eye-opener (and an education perhaps). describes how one of the top (secretive) security firms in the world was hacked. The hacker succeeded due to simple errors made by their web design firm.

I find there’s a handful of other sites using the same software, all coded by the same small webdesign firm. It looks like each site is custom coded but they share a lot of code. So I hack a couple of them to get a collection of code written by the webdesign firm.

So call your web design firm, that also sells you some “SEO package”, and ask them if they’ve heard this story already (before you send them the link 😉 please! In general your web services will only play a larger and larger role in your Search Rank (meaning your ability to be competitive online).