Case Studies

I find that new-comers to the online advertising business have a natural skepticism about the efficacy of PPC advertising that warrants a special case study. But better than a study, lets look at a recent campaign and the results.

Here is what the client said after initiating an aggressive Google Adwords campaign. “…Also note in the graph that in August our Used Car sales as a percentage of our market was extremely high. When I was reviewing the pay per click with our managers I discovered something more interesting. Our pageviews increased 28% however our preowned vehicle search results increased 121%. More evidence that our PPC effected our numbers in August (after a weak July).”


It is important to note that ROI is an important condition of the efficacy of Paid Search – if it costs more to make the sale, your margins need to remain in tact to justify PPC advertising. You can always sell more at a loss, but selling more at a profit is what its all about. But in the case of online PPC advertising many new-comers become blinded by the complexity of PPC and overlook the obvious!