Guidelines for Owners and Administrators

Accounts, Passwords, Logins,…Assets

Assets are important, right? That would make your assets a top-level topic. What are your Internet Assets?

Your Website is #1 of course. Your website is valuable to your business prosperity. Then naturally, you have a login to access it; ergo, that Login is valuable.

Seen this way, all your Logins can be seen as Assets. Like access to your bank account, loose them and you have lost (time? sales? money?). Yet many business owners and principals handle their Internet Assets like loose change. “Oh you need the Login to that, here.” (and promptly forget they just shared something very valuable) So lets change how we handle these assets – like the adults we are supposed to be.

Rule #1 – Backup your Assets!

Here are the other rules:

  • DO create ONLY 1 Administrative Account to manage your business with each search engine.
  • DO create all other Products, such as Google Analytics (GA), Google Search Console (GSC), Google My Business (GMB), using this Admin Login. I repeat USE THIS LOGIN to create your GA, GSC, GMB and any others
  • DO LINK all these Products together using only this Admin Login.
  • Naturally accounts are packaged with an email (technically another Product). DO NOT use this one for general/personal email. It is strictly used for managing your online business.
    • forward all email to your Daily Work Account ( below )
  • DO NOT FORGET your password! DUH!
  • DO establish Recovery email & phone numbers. Write them down and secure them. You’ll need’em if you loose/forget your password.
  • DO NOT share the Admin Login with any 3rd party! Easy right? Wrong!
    • There are built-in sharing methods in all Products that allow contractors and 3rd parties to do their daily work without Administrative access.
    • If you operate responsibly, there is very little work that cannot be done from a Daily Work Account.
  • DO create a Daily Work Account (that means you – an Account for you) and give it privileges to all the Products just as you would any contractor, or 3rd party.
    • this is also called a Backup
    • Repeat – no daily work should be performed from the Admin Login – got it?
  • DO NOT allow a contractor or 3rd party to create another Google account for you!
    • Be explicit – write it into the contract – because it will happen otherwise and then you’ll pay to undo the mess.
  • DO NOT allow anyone (except the owner of the business) to initiate 2-Factor Authentication.
    • Think!