Guidelines for Administrators

If you are a principal or business owner, there are some concepts that are unique to your online business that don’t pertain to the brick and mortar business. Keep these concepts in mind when managing the Internet side of your business.

There can be only one!

  • DO create ONLY 1 ADMIN account with Google for all services such as Google Analytics, WMT and Adwords. But DO NOT use this one for general email! Only email pertaining to Google Analytics, WMT and Adwords.
  • Then DO NOT forget which Google account is the Admin account. Stay very organized. Its is quickly forgotten which account is the Admin Login if many people have PERMISSION to access these services (Analytics and Adwords can have multiple access points).
  • DO NOT forget your passwords! You can’t afford to loose access to your admin account. Its easy to let a password change go undocumented. If you do change the password for any reason, DO send it to your personal email account at that very moment (just don’t include the username for security reasons).
  • DO NOT share with vendors!
  • DO NOT let another vendor create another Google account for you! (preemptively lay down the law when you hire any new vendor/contractor)

Regarding the 2 prior rules: just look at what can happen Google Forums: My Google Analytics Account was deleted. Note the lack of responses; because there is no recourse.

  • ONLY 1 ADMIN – DO ask current or prior vendors to hand-over or close any Google accounts they have for your business. DO CLOSE any other GOOGLE WEBMASTER, GOOGLE PLACES, GOOGLE+, GOOGLE ANALYTICS accounts that might be floating around. Stray Admin accounts are the source of all evil in SEO.