Google Drops Side Ads – Confirmed as of Feb 22

This was much anticipated, and I can confirm that as of Feb 22 all SearchStations have seen no side ads since. But I’d like to concentrate on two things; a) what local businesses need to know, and b) how this particular issue is a great barometer indicating who in this business is just blogging (asleep … Read more

YELP is on the way out

Read all about it >¬†WSJ – Yelp Needs Help. Conforming what I’ve believed for some time now, Yelp’s future was never bright, and that goes for the entire 3rd Party Reviews business. ( Yelp would have been smart to take that half-a-billion dollar offer from Google when they had the chance – but those smarter-than-you-you-just-dont-get-it … Read more

Developers and Internet Marketing

A Cautionary Tale…beware of developers when in the pursuit of Internet Marketing. Sounds like a Brothers Gimm Fairy Tale. The moral is that the roles assumed by many developers often leads to very understandable clashes with outside Internet Marketing. I once needed a story that summarizes the situation so I could point to it (for … Read more