Hyperlocal SEO Internet Business Development

While HARTENSTINE has always specialized in local SEO, only in 2014 has the term “Hyperlocal” come back into fashion. The term Hyperlocal was used quite a bit for a few years circa 2002 but never really caught on. Or I should say, there was a tidal wave of other Internet Marketing issues prevalent at the time – everyone was busy massaging their meta data!

Now that its no longer fashionable or possible to beat the other guy plying SEO tricks on Google, Search Engine Optimization is becoming more real – meaning its becoming more and more about plying good marketing techniques combined with the tools available online.

Thus the major trend driving Hyperlocal marketing online is the mobile device. As of 2014, the majority of local retail search is performed from mobile devices. Thus the renewed focus on location. There is not much to read out there but here is one worthy bookmark.