Securing Your Internet Assets

The most important and most neglected aspect of your online business are your Internet Assets. The surprising thing is how these assets are taken for granted – until they are lost.

Your Internet Assets are difficult to manage because almost everything is intangible – you don’t see or think of them the same way you see or think of the things you sell (inventory). Your website is tangible, but all those features/services required to maintain the website are usually intangible. Do you think of your Domain Name as an asset?

Maybe this has happened to you already. You are sipping your morning coffee, turn on your computer and your website is simply not there!

Now you wonder what the heck could have gone wrong? Is it my computer? Is it my Internet connection? Is it the browser? Quick, call the IT guy. Your IT guy is not picking up his phone. Tick, tock, tick, tock! My business may be offline and I don’t know what to do!

Finally your IT guy arrives. He’s not sure what has gone awry. Let’s call the Host of the website. They say the server is fine. Your IT guys asks, “Where is the Domain Name hosted?“. You reply, “I don’t know, we bought that…like 10 years ago.

After much agonizing, you find that the Domain Name expired because you no longer have the original email account that receives the notices (to renew). Now you have to buy your domain name again (hopefully no one else was waiting to pick it up), and that takes time. The DNS takes a while to come back up. You may be offline all day or more.

And that is just one of your many Internet Assets. Even small businesses have dozens of logins to various accounts that underpin the business – what we call assets.

You will be surprised, as you start to make a list, how many of these little intangible things you have – that are all required to run your online business.

You might ask at this point, what does this have to do with Internet Marketing? Honestly, it is tangential. But someone has to do it and no one else will champion the cause. Even your IT guy only maintains the few assets within his domain, and only those that have come to his attention. He doesn’t know, nor does he care about the login to your shopping cart. Your developer has that one. There are probably several people that maintain your online business. Each has a few assets within their domain. What happens when one of them leaves? They are not thinking about your logins and passwords as they pack-up their things. What if they are disgruntled? Did they implement 2-factor security using their personal mobile phone? (see! you didn’t anticipate that one – and it’s a killer)

We at HARTENSTINE have seen lost assets wreak such havoc on businesses, that out of necessity, we include services to secure your Internet Assets before they become lost. We call this Blue-Printing. And its not just making a list, its assuring that the critical infrastructure that is your online business is Fail-Safe. You must have backups. More than one person must be able to access and maintain these assets in the case of a unforeseeable event. You need to project your business from all sorts of events. Lets us help you secure your Internet Assets. You will sleep better for it.

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