Some 2015 Stats on Mobile Traffic to Consider

(The purpose of this post it to direct your attention to effectively using the mobile bid adjustment feature in Google Adwords to sell more product – wait for it…)

You may not be watching your analytics closely enough to notice that mobile searches are increasing significantly as a source of valuable retail visitors. (unless you have a mobile unfriendly website)

I can testify that the following is 100% true – free of marketing hype. 2015 is the year that the facts of mobile traffic to your website should will cause you to “refocus” your online advertising to match the following statistics.

  • Google says almost 50% of all traffic is now mobile
  • In December 2014, 25% of all online sales were conducted via a mobile devices
  • 80% of online shoppers use their mobile device while watching TV
  • 90% of users move between devices to accomplish a goal

Now that you have seen it in print, you probably recognize your own behavior in these stats. If you are like me, we naturally have our mobile device with us at those moments when that interest to purchasing something strikes. Spontaneously we search for information about that “thing”, whatever it is, on our device. And we want to know “where can I get it?”, and “How much does it really cost (should it cost)?”.

All these behaviors are logical and easily understood if you have a mobile device. Personally I am very influenced to go to the local retailer not because they advertise the rock-bottom price, but because I want it sooner than later and I also like to see things before I buy them.

(But it is often the case that I cannot even find a local retailer for the product!)

So let me direct your attention to using the mobile bid adjustment feature in Google Adwords to get better ad placement on mobile devices.

Adwords > Campaigns > Settings > Devices

A prerequisite for this is to have a mobile friendly website. If you don’t, stop reading because you will only waste money following the instructions:

This is vital to your future success because mobile devices often only have room for one (1) ad at the top of the display – so you MUST get into that top spot. The mobile bid adjustment allows you to bid more for that spot, while not overpaying for all your other ads.