Local Search is the Holy Grail of Business

There are now more mobile devices in the world than personal computers. Consumers tend to use mobile devices for spontaneous consumer products and services searches that cause permanent changes in behavior.  Local SEO will be the competitive edge you’ll need in the future if you are a local business (where customers visit your location in order … Read moreLocal Search is the Holy Grail of Business

What is Blacklisted and what does it mean to me?

For website owners, Blacklisting means your website is removed from the search engine(s) index. Which means that even if someone searches for your website, it won’t show up in the search results. If you have a typical website that gets 75% or more of its traffic from natural search results, getting blacklisted is a death … Read moreWhat is Blacklisted and what does it mean to me?

Understanding Personalized Search Results

You may find that your search rank is much poorer than you think, because of your Personalized Search Profile. More than likely you live in a Google Bubble. Jump to Disable Personalized Search Most people do not know about personalized search results and how it almost always leads to a false sense of security. The … Read moreUnderstanding Personalized Search Results