Search Results Page Features by Percent Clicks

You probably have wondered or really need to know how people click on results in SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages) in order to bid on keywords in your Adwords campaigns. What percentage of clicks go to The Knowledge Graph, right? Well its a bit more complicated than that because there are more than a dozen … Read more Search Results Page Features by Percent Clicks

The Online Reviews Bait and Switch

these reviews, that have been built by the individual business, now cause the Third-Party Reviews website to achieve top rank in search results – using your content – capturing the majority of the clicks. Too late. This parasite has taken over the Search Results. There is no way to go back to a life without the parasitic Third-Party Reviews in your search results. They are getting more clicks from your target market, using your content, than your website does, and they will sell those clicks to the highest bidder in your market. Forever!