Should SEOs Put Phone Numbers in The Meta Title Tag – Answered.

I just ran into a presentation wherein the SEO analysis claimed that putting your local phone number in the meta title tag was a wasted SEO opportunity – that there are other more important keywords that should go into the precious 70 characters available. The Precious 70 Characters Many SEOs focus a bit too much … Read more

Don’t Duplicate Your Meta Descriptions

Is it necessary for every page to have a meta description? Google’s Matt Cutts says “Don’t Duplicate Your Meta Descriptions. It is better to let Google auto-create snippets for your pages versus having duplicate meta descriptions.” For car dealer websites, thats a huge insight because for one, we don’t really know what Google really judges … Read more

Another Name for Structured Data Rel="Author"

Another day another announcement form Google that speaks to the future importance of implementing all forms of structured data, regardless of how you or others choose to define the concept. Google has pushed this concept before, but I like to point out that in aggregate Google is pushing the concept of tagging your data using schema … Read more