Should You Disable Google Assistant Calls in Your Google My Business Listing

This is one of those default opt-in settings in Google My Business (GMB) that is also cleverly hidden in plain sight. What are Assistant Calls? Why is it turned on by default? Why should I care? What is it? Its a intermediary Google service feature between your customer and your business. (Google Service is an … Read more

Weighing In on Socio-Local Search Time again for the curmudgeon hat because I think I know something about Local Search. Its just the Social part I think is a dead end now – and has been for a long time (for someone in the Local Search game) (BTW, the article is on target, its just that its a waste … Read more

How To Disable Personalized Search

Search engines begin to personalize your search results the moment you open the search page. The search engine reads the cookies stored in your browser and websites you have visited (located in cache) and the history (the list of pages you have visited), all stored on your computer – all within the blink of an … Read more